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Our Story

Your Journey, Your Home

The West Point Lighthouse stands among Prince Edward Islands most recognizable places.  At 69 feet tall it is PEI's tallest Lighthouse and one of the most unique due to its tapered square shape and iconic black and white stripes. Built in 1875, put into operation in 1876 and manned until 1963 .Today the Lantern operates electrically.   In 1987 the Inn was established by The West Point Development Corporation, a group of enterprising volunteers based in Western Prince Edward Island.  In 2011 the Inn was revamped yet again with further accommodations being added and updated.  Today we hold 13 contemporary rooms and the rare chance to stay in the Tower of the lighthouse.  11 rooms feature walk out decks over looking the Northumberland Strait, the other two, The Keepers Quarters and the Tower room are are located in a private guests only section of the historic West Point Lighthouse Museum.  Stay with us and get to witness the famous sunsets we are so well known for.

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